Chelsea’s Antonio Rüdiger says racism won after abuse goes unpunished

Chelsea’s Antonio Rüdiger says racism won after abuse goes unpunished

Rüdiger says he was racially abused during Chelsea’s match with Tottenham earlier this season.

And why? Because Chelsea fans reported the fan who abused Son. On the opposite side, nothing happened. It’s the people that were around. That’s why I say if we don’t get up racism won.”

Racism has blighted English football in recent times and Rüdiger, who was chatting with four white journalists, spoke about the isolation black players feel once they are abused. He questioned whether the authorities do enough to tackle the matter and argued that walking off the pitch will haven’t any effect.

“I’m not trying to offend but you [white] people will never understand what goes through my mind during this moment” he said. “Or other black players’ minds. i’m alone. i’m totally alone. It’s nice if people are speaking up on behalf of me but at the top of the day it just replays. Authority-wise I’m alone.

“Walking off the pitch doesn’t add up if they still don’t get punished. Does it add up to steer off the pitch? I don’t think so. The consequence could also be i’m again the booed man. What point is it nobody gets punished? At the top , how people write stuff, i will be able to be the bogeyman again. If there’s no punishment for these people racism won.”

Rüdiger acknowledged what happened when Porto’s Moussa Marega tried to go away the pitch after being allegedly racially abused during his side’s 2-1 convert Vitória de Guimarães last week. “It was clear everyone heard it,” he said. “And his own team-mates held him back to remain on the pitch. He was alone. And he was booked for going out because he was racially abused. It’s simple, we are alone during this . we’ve to affect it in our way.” agen sbobet online

For all his anger Rüdiger said he won’t recoil from speaking up. He became a father last Thursday and needs to supply an honest example for his son, Djamal. “I will always get up ,” he said. “It’s not only about myself. It are often homophobic or something like that. It’s about standing up for people.

“If it happens at football it’s also happening outside and out of doors my son goes to be growing up. i will be able to do my best to form sure my son isn’t stupid like people . pitying this word. I don’t have the other words for this.”